Sundays 9am & 11am

Engedi Refuge

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The Engedi House is a safe home, holistic restoration and education for adult women who are recovering from the effects of sexual exploitation. Calvary Creekside is excited to get behind Aaron and Lea Newcomb in what Jesus is doing through them and Engedi Refuge Ministries.

The Engedi Learning Center is a faith-based, comprehensive life skills and recovery program. It is structured to promote continued education, healthy relationships, vocational training and life skills in the most effective way possible.

For more information please visit their website at

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Men of Dignity 

Men of Dignity is run by Aaron Newcomb as a Christian Response for men to address the problems our culture is facing. Men of Dignity is an outreach of Engedi Refuge Ministries that is designed to speak directly to men about the issues of sexual exploitation. For more information on Men of Dignity, please click the link above.

For any questions, please contact Engedi Refuge or 360-922-7600