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Sermons by Tony Neal (Page 18)

Africa and Philippines Missions Update

Enjoy audio from Sunday March 30 as Tim Roth, Matt Washkow, Harlene Elenbaas, Angee Whitten and Tony Neal discuss what the Lord is doing in Africa and the Philippines. Click here for information on the return trip to the Philippines: June 21-July 5. See the highlight video from the trips below.

Turn Your Back on Yourself – Matthew 18:1-14

We all love preferential treatment. We love to idolize ourselves. We love to love those who are like us. We love to be with people who can benefit us, esteem us and make our lives more comfortable. Jesus shows us that His ministry is most effective to the vulnerable, the weak, and the dependent. What […]

It’s All About Jesus – Matthew 17

Listen as we continue in our sermon series out of the book of Matthew: King of Majesty. Jesus is constantly pursuing us and calling us to a deeper relationship with Him. We all constantly struggle with reducing Jesus to be less than He really is. In this section, Jesus reminds us that there is none […]

Grace Killers – Matthew 15:1-20

Jesus continues His ministry interacting with the religious leaders of the day. What can we learn from these interactions? Why did Jesus interact the way he did with the Pharisees? If we are honest, we are prone to being grace killers, just like the religious leaders. Listen as Jesus shows us that He is after […]

Do We Believe This? – Matthew 14

Even though we may have heard stories from Scripture multiple times, sometimes the question we should be asking is, ‘do we really believe this?’ The works of Jesus are incredible and show us that Jesus is Lord and King. The truth that Jesus proclaims will never fade or die. One of the great things about […]

Church Family Update

Jesus is moving at Calvary Creekside. On Sunday January 26, 2014 we had a Church Family Update talking about where the church is at and where Jesus is leading. Listen as Tony Neal, Aaron Mattox, and Andy Gray share about what Jesus is doing. In an effort to better serve Jesus and His church we […]

Jesus shows us Grace – Matthew 12:1-21

What does Jesus have to say about the Sabbath and rest? Why is it easier for us to condemn people then to love them with grace? How can we have a church that is truly Jesus’ church? Listen as Jesus shows us how we are to be the redemptive power of God in our relationships […]