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Sermons by Tony Neal (Page 19)

Advent: Set Apart – Luke 2:1-14

What are the implications of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ? What does the birth of Jesus mean for our daily lives? Listen as Pastor Tony Neal looks at Luke 2, looking at how Jesus empowers us to live a life that isn’t squandered and where we begin to realize that our lives are no longer […]

Advent: God’s Story – Luke 1:1-38

The beauty of the gospel is that God graciously allows us to be a part of His story and plan. What is your response when God interrupts us? Do you really believe that you are supposed to be right in the middle of God’s plan? Listen as Pastor Tony Neal shares out of Luke 1:1-38. […]

Philippines Recap

On Sunday December 8, 2013, we spent some time discussing with the 7 people who went to aid with disaster relief in the Philippines. Please continue to pray for those in the Philippines and stay tuned for more information on an upcoming disaster relief trip in 2014 back to the Philippines.